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Product NameLumigan
ManufactureAllergan India Pvt Ltd
Active IngredientBimatoprost
TreatmentEye care
AlcoholDo not Drink
Pack Size3 ml in bottle
Drug Classprostamides
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What is Lumigan?

Lumigan 0.01 mg Adults having glaucoma and excessive intraocular pressure can use an optical treatment to lower their intraocular pressure. If your eye vision is excessive it might harm your vision and even cause eyesight. It functions by facilitating the passage of fluid through the eye’s interior into the circulatory system.

Lumigan drops for the eyes can lower very high ocular pressure. An illness induced by this excessive pressure is glaucoma. If too much pressure is not relieved, it will eventually cause eyesight damage. Your eye contains a clear, clear fluid that nourishes the internal tissues. More fluid gets generated to fill the void left by fluid expulsion from the eye.

Application of Lumigan Drops

Generic Lumigan Eye Drop Put a single drop of medicine into the troubled eye each night. Always remember to seek your doctor’s advice and carefully follow all of their instructions. Before using eye drops, it’s crucial that you ensure that your fingers are thoroughly cleaned. It’s crucial that you never touch the dropper’s tip, and you should never let it touch the cornea or any other surface, either. Trash will be lessened as a result.

If your healthcare provider has instructed you to apply two different eye medications simultaneously, you should wait a minimum of five minutes between each one being applied. This will aid in preventing the second medication from “cleaning out” the previously taken one. Never substitute any other alternative choice for the particular brand of medicine your doctor recommended for you. It’s feasible that several brands will function in various ways.

Side Effects

There are some side effects of medicine:

  • Bleeding eye
  • Wet eyes
  • Reduced or distorted eyesight
  • Cold or fever
  • Blindness
  • Changes in eye color
  • Absence of vision
  • Having trouble seeing at night
  • Itching, discomfort, and redness
  • Eyelid or eyeball swelling

What are the Benefits of Lumigan?

Hypertension of the eyes

Lumigan 0.01 mg Ophthalmic Solution is a member of the prostaglandin analog class of medications. It is employed to lower ocular irritation. It raises the eye’s internal fluid circulation into the circulatory system, thus reducing the eye’s elevated irritation. Your vision may be harmed if there is too excessive pressure inside your eye. Consume it as what your physician has advised on a regular basis. The discomfort in your eye won’t be managed if you discontinue taking it.

For Glaucoma

Lumigan 0.01 mg Ophthalmic Treatment aids in lowering pressure inside the eyes, which can cause the disease of glaucoma. It can be use either alone or in combination with different eye drops. Avoid using it too frequently as this may reduce its effectiveness. It should only be applied to the injured eye, and you ought to apply it as your healthcare provider instructs. The discomfort in your eye won’t be managed if you discontinue using it. The result could be vision loss.


  • Individual doses of this medicine will be supplied based on the needs of every single patient. If your doctor has give you specific instructions, it is critical that you follow them.
  • The information given above pertains solely to the standard doses of this medication. If your physician hasn’t provided you with specific directions regarding altering your dose, then shouldn’t attempt any changes, no matter how minor.
  • The suggested daily dosage for the individual is determined by the strength of the medication. Furthermore, the type of healthcare problem you manage with the prescription impacts how many dosages you must consume each day, the duration of time consecutive doses, and the entire duration of time you need to take the drug.


  • Kids’ fingers and gaze should be kept out of this.
  • Lumigan has an expiry date, which is printed on the outside of the bottle and on the packaging after the word Expired. Until that date, avoid using Lumigan. The date that expire is the last day of the month in question.
  • Although there are still just a few drops within it, the bottle must be discarded within four weeks following it was first opened. This will protect you from sicknesses. Fill up the box’s slot with a date to assist you in understanding when you initially opened it.

Missed Dose 

If you miss a dose of the medicine, you ought to take it immediately as you remember. On the opposite conjunction, it is nearly time for the next one, skip the one you skipped and continue your normal dosing regimen. If you miss your Latisse TM treatment for a period of time just skip the missing prescription and apply your medicine the next evening.

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