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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is Lifecarepills a licenced online pharmacy?

You’ll be glad to know that Lifecarepills is not only a licenced but also a certified online pharmacy.

Our goal is to give you the best authentic medicines at the most affordable prices all over the world.

Will you keep my personal information safe?

Customer safety is our number one goal. So, Lifecarepills protects your information with the latest cryptographic security methods.

We will never give anyone else your personal information. So, you don’t have to worry. Your personal information will only be used for placing an order.

Is it safe to use your medicine?

Definitely, Lifecarepills makes sure you get the highest quality, FDA-approved medicines.

We are a reliable brand that knows how important your health and well-being are to you.

So, we make sure that the active ingredients in the generic and brand versions of a drug are the same. So, the risks and benefits haven’t changed.

On average, how long does delivery take?

Once the order is placed, delivery should happen within 17 to 12 business days. So not need to worry about delivery timing.

Cancellations of Products:

Are we forgetting anything? What about the process for returning a product? Lifecarepills is dedicated to giving its customers the best service possible.

This step has been taken to make sure that our customers have a quick and easy experience.

If we can’t send the order to the address given, it will be sent back to our warehouse.

Note: Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you with any issues you have with our products on our website.

Your order will only be cancelled if one of these things happens:

  • The product is no longer available.
  • If the buyer wants to buy more than the maximum amount allowed,
  • Cancelling an order before it is shipped
  • Any other problems and complaints
  • We always do what’s best for the customers.
  • If an products gets damaged or lost in shipping, Lifecarepills will give you a full refund or a new one.

Delivery Right to Your Door:

We promise that your order will be delivered safely to the address you give us as your primary address.

But we made it clear in our delivery policy that we couldn’t send the package to the second address.

Track Your Order:

Lifecarepills gives you the access to track your order at every step of the way.

Once your order has been sent, you will get an email with the tracking number and the name of the courier company.

If your order hasn’t been sent out yet, you can get in touch with customer service.

We will make changes and make sure that your order gets to you as soon as possible.

But we’re sorry to say that once the order has been shipped, we won’t be able to stop the delivery, you can also think about it.

Delivery Costs that are Easy on the Wallet:

Lifecarepills gives you the fastest delivery at the best prices.

There are extra delivery fees for only a few products and services, that will show when you will place your order.

Before we accept the order, we will give you an accurate estimate of how much the whole products will cost, including shipping costs also.

Even if the delivery isn’t possible in the worst case, you don’t have to worry!!

We’ll get in touch with you and think of something else to do. Don’t be afraid, it’s our job, so let it be on us.

We know that medicines are important and need to be sent out right away.

Because of this, Lifecarepills makes sure that your order gets to you as quickly as possible from our sides.

Lifecarepills makes sure that your products get to you in a safe and secure way. After you place your order, your products will be carefully checked.

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