Lioresal 10 mg


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BrandLioresal 10
ManufactureNovartis India Ltd
Model NameLioresal 10 mg
Active IngredientBaclofen
TreatmentPain Reliever
AlcoholDo not Drink
Origin CountryIndia
Pack Size10Tab/Strip
Drug ClassBaclofen
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What is Lioresal 10 mg?

A kind of muscle relaxant is Lioresal 10 Capsule. It is utilized for managing muscular symptoms including rigidity, tension, and stiffness that can be brought on by a variety of diseases and injuries such as cerebral palsy, a condition called multiple sclerosis, motor neuron disease, or head, brain, or spine trauma.

You can eat while taking the Lioresal 10 Capsule. Overall, you ought to try to utilize the least amount needed in a brief period of time to manage the symptoms you have.

When you are in need of this medication, you should take it frequently.

What are the Uses of Lioresal 10 mg?

Follow your doctor’s instructions for this medication’s dosage and duration. Take it all in at once. Don’t eat it, damage it, or crush it. The 10 mg Lioresal Capsule should be consumed with food.

Consume this drug by mouth as prescribed by your healthcare provider, which is often three times per day, with or before food.

Your healthcare provider might advise you to start this medicine at low levels and then increase it in order to lower your risk of experiencing side effects.

How does it work?

Lioresal Capsule acts by obstructing spinal reflexes, which reduces pain and enhances muscle mobility.

Lioresal Capsule reduces muscle spasms and tightness by acting on the nervous system and spinal cord. This helps keep up the durability of the muscles.

In circumstances like multiple sclerosis, a disease that impacts the mind and the spinal column, strokes that affect the brain, cerebral palsy, a disturbance of motion, posture, and tone of the muscles, neurological diseases, as well as other neurological conditions, Lioresal 10 Capsule lessens muscle spasm.

A type of muscle reliever is Lioresal 10 Capsule. To reduce spasms or stiffness of the muscles while retaining muscle strength, it acts on the human brain and spinal cord. This enhances muscular mobility and lessens discomfort.

What are the Side Effects of Lioresal?

Some Side Effects of Lioresal:

  • Dizziness
  • Convulsion
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Sedation
  • Hypotension
  • Hypotonia
  • Agitation
  • Constipation
  • an increase in white blood cells
  • Chills

Lioresal 10 mg Benefits

Lioresal 10 Pill is a member of the class of drugs known as relaxation medications. It is used to treat excessive tightness of the muscles and spasms that can occur as a result of a variety of illnesses.

Including cerebral palsy, a condition that affects movement, posture, and development of muscles, spinal column diseases, and a form of multiple sclerosis, a condition that affects the spinal cord as well as the brain.

Lioresal 10 Capsule operates by preventing spinal reflexes from firing, which reduces pain and enhances muscle mobility.

Unintentional muscular spasms in the foot, hip, and knee can be effectively treated with Lioresal 10 Capsule.

However, Lioresal 10 Capsule is ineffective for contractions of the muscles brought on by an accident, Parkinson’s syndrome, or rheumatoid arthritis; however, Lioresal 10 Capsule aids in regaining the use of muscles.

What are the cautions and warnings?

Do not consume alcohol while using Lioresal 10 Capsule since it may make you feel more sleepy, drowsy, and unable to concentrate.

If you have ever experienced an ulcer in your stomach or are sensitive to any of the medication’s ingredients, do not use Lioresal 10 Capsule.

If you have kidney or liver issues, mental health issues, difficulty inhaling or lung disease, diabetes, a difficult time urinating, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, or if you’ve ever had a stroke, consult a physician before using Lioresal 10 Capsule.

When consuming Lioresal 10 Capsule if you are expecting or nursing, talk to your healthcare provider. Lioresal 10 Capsule is not advised for use in children under the age of four years or those who weigh less than 33 kg.

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