Duzela 30 Mg


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BrandDuzela 30
ManufactureSun Pharma
Model NameDuzela 30 Mg
Active IngredientDuloxatine
AlcoholDo not Drink
Origin CountryIndia
Pack Size10 Tab/Strip
Drug ClassAntidepressant
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What is Duzela 30 Mg?

Duzela 30 Mg Tablet is a medication used to treat depression. It is utilized for managing sadness as well as other mental illnesses like anxiety.

It’s additionally applied for treating diabetic pain that is neuropathic (nerve damage caused by elevated sugar amounts) and fibromyalgia (body-wide discomfort).

It functions by boosting the levels of chemical components in the nervous system (serotonin and catecholamine) which assist to preserve psychological equilibrium and inhibit the transmission of pain messages.

It additionally is utilized for managing nerve pain including fibromyalgia caused by diabetic neuropathy in the legs, and it may also be employed to manage stressful urine incontinence in women.

What are the Applications of Duzela 30 mg?

Significant depressive disorder:

Sadness is a mental health disease that has a substantial impact on everyday life and is characterized by a persistently low mood and lack of enjoyment in activities. This medication can be used to manage depression.

Generalized anxiety disorder:

GAD, or generalized anxiety disorder, is a mental condition characterized by intense and constant anxiety over everyday life events for no apparent cause. Duzela 30 MG Tablet is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy:

Diabetic (high blood sugar levels) can result in neuropathy due to diabetes, which is a type of nerve injury. This Tablet treats the pain associated with this condition.

Muscle and joint pain that persists:

Chronic muscle pain is a type of long-term discomfort that impacts joints, muscles, and skeletons and lasts in excess of three months. This Tablet is used to treat persistent back pain along with other joint discomfort caused by the degradation of muscle cells during daily activities.


Fibromyalgia symptoms involve widespread pain, difficulty sleeping, tiredness, and usually mental and emotional distress. Duzela 30 MG Tablet is used to treat pain associated with this condition.

Benefits of Duzela 30 Mg

In Depression Treatment

Duzela 30 Tablet raises levels of particular brain chemicals that boost our state of mind and conduct. This promotes a sense of well-being, alleviates anxiety, decreases stress, improves sleep, and boosts your level of energy. It is an excellent antidepressant, although it can make you sleepy.

For it to be effective, you must take it on an ongoing basis and shouldn’t cease using it abruptly, even if your symptoms get better, as this may exacerbate the situation.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment

Duzela 30 Table prevents the mind from producing the substances that cause anxiety, thereby alleviating the signs of extreme nervousness and worry.

It can also help with anxiousness, weariness, trouble concentrating, irritability, and sleep issues that are common with Anxiety Syndrome.

As a result, it will make every day easier and more efficient. Even if you’re feeling OK, continue to take this medication. Stopping abruptly can lead to major difficulties.

Neuropathic Pain Treatment

Duzela 30 Tablet is a prescription medication intended to treat chronic, or long-term, pain caused by damaged nerves caused by type 2 diabetes, and shingles, which is a brain injury. It disrupts messages of pain as they travel via injured neurons and into the brain.

Consuming this medication on a daily basis can enhance your social and physical functioning, as well as your general state of life. It takes just a couple of weeks to work, so take it on a regular basis even if you don’t think it’s helping.

Side Effects of Duzela 30 mg

Some side effects of Duzela 30:

  • Having difficulty sleeping
  • Experiencing dizziness
  • Vision distortion
  • Suffering from nausea
  • I’ve got the flu.
  • A toothache
  • Appetite suppression
  • Obesity reduction
  • Being less sexually motivated
  • Erection issues.

How long will it last?

Duzela 30 mg frequently begins to act after two weeks of administration for individuals suffering from anxiety and depressive disorders. However, it may require up to four weeks for you to feel better.

It may take a few weeks for chronic neuropathy pain patients to feel better. If the signs still persist within two months, consult with your physician.

Can I stop taking it if I start feeling better?

No, you ought not to discontinue Duzela 30 Tablet unless first talking with a healthcare provider. If you’ve been feeling improved for a minimum of six months and still suffer from sorrow or anxiety, your doctor may gradually reduce the amount you take.

Continue to take it for a while if you start to feel better following consuming it for inflammation and incontinence. Your medical professional will continue to monitor how the drug performs for you on an ongoing basis.

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