Dulane 30mg

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Brand Dulane 30
Manufacture Sun Pharma Lab
Model Name Dulane 30mg capsule
Active Ingredient Duloxetine
Treatment Depression
Alcohol Do not Drink
Origin Country India
Pack Size 10 Tab/Strip
Drug Class Opioid Analgesic
Cost/Tablet 0.77/Tab
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Dulane 30mg capsule Dosage,Uses | lifecarepills. Dulane 30mg capsule Do not take more than the prescribed dose of this medicine.this medicine is used in the treatment of depression, anxiety disorder, diabetic nerve pain, fibromyalgia.

What is Dulane 30mg?

The medication Duloxetine, which is an antidepressant, is found in DULANE 30MG CAPSULE. Adults with significant depressive disorders (constant sorrow, loss of interest, and gloomy mood) and generalised anxiety disorder are treated with it (chronic feeling of anxiety or nervousness).

How Does It Work?

A serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor is Dulane 30 MG Capsule. It reduces the symptoms of depression by preventing the reuptake of serotonin and norepinephrine, raising their levels in the brain. It only marginally prevents dopamine reuptake.

What are the Uses of Dulane 30mg Tablet?

The following is the medication’s main use:

  • Significant Depressive Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • peripheral neuropathy due to diabetes
  • recurring skeletal pain
  • Fibromyalgia


The brain’s concentrations of specific chemicals that enhance our mood and conduct are raised by Dulane 30 Capsule DR. This promotes wellbeing, soothes anxiety, reduces stress, enhances sleep, and boosts energy.

Despite being a strong antidepressant, it may cause you to feel sleepy. You must continually take it as instructed if you want it to be the most effective. Even if you feel better, you should avoid stopping abruptly because doing so can make your issue worse.

What are the Side Effects?

  • Nausea
  • Sleepiness
  • Mouth Dry
  • Body Ache
  • Knee Pain
  • Extravagant Ejaculation
  • Lack of Stools
  • Shaking of the feet or hands
  • Heartburn

What to do the Case of Missed Dosage?

The missed dose should be omitted, though, if the next planned dose is almost due.

What are the Overdose Symptoms?

Call your doctor or go to the emergency room if you overdose.

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1 review for Dulane 30mg

  1. david

    Dulane 30mg is ideal for shift workers because it helps you stay up.
    After a small hiccup, everything went really smoothly. I’ll receive my delivery from this site within the allotted time.