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Manufacture German Remedies Private Ltd
Model Name
Active Ingredient Chorionic Gonadotropin
Treatment Infertility
Alcohol Do not Drink
Origin Country India
Pack Size 1 Vial/s
Drug Class Chorionic Gonadotropin
Cost/Tablet 25 Vial/s
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What is Proficent?

Proficent 5000 IU Injection is used to treat infertility in women. Male hypogonadism, which is defined by tardy puberty and low sperm counts, can also be treated with it.

It works by increasing testosterone levels in males and encouraging the expulsion of eggs from the ovary in women.

Proficent 5000IU Injection is given by injection under the direction of a physician. Always heed the advice of your doctor, as they will specify when to administer the injection.

The dosage and length of therapy are determined by the medication’s intended use. For the duration given, you must take this medication as directed.

The most frequent adverse effects of this medicine are discomfort at the injection site, fatigue, headaches, and depression.

What are the guidelines for usage?

Infertility in females can be treated with the help of this. Ovulation induction for infertility in women. using additional medications as co-therapy during assisted reproduction.

This increases the possibility of a successful pregnancy. It is given by a medical professional or nurse. For the drug to be effective, it must be taken exactly as directed.

Low sperm counts and male reproductive organ dysfunction brought on by a lack of sex hormones are treated in men by proficient injection. When reproductive systems are not functioning properly, males are frequently given a proficient injection before beginning the stimulant medication.

  • Proficent 5000IU Injection encourages the creation of testosterone and the generation of sperm in guys. This can help cure male hypogonadism and reduce infertility.
  • Teens and kids with delayed puberty can be treated with a proficent injection.

How does an effective injection work?

Proficent 5000 IU Injection is a sex hormonal. It helps females discharge their sperm from the ovary. It helps treat diseases including delayed puberty and low sperm count in men by increasing the generation of testosterone.

How is competence applied?


  • Ovulation is induced via a single intramuscular administration of 5000–10,000 IU HCG.
  • Three injections into the muscles are administered every third day to support luteum function.

Children and men:

  • For the treatment of cryptorchidism in males older than 6 years old and younger than 2 years old, one intramuscular injection of 500 IU to 2000 IU HCG administered once a week for five weeks is advised.
  • Proficient is administered via injection once a week for a period of time to boys ages three to six.
  • Use 1500 IU of HCG twice every week for three months to put off puberty.
    Treatment for hypogonadotropic hypogonadism includes intramuscular injections of 1500–6000 IU HCG once a week and human menopausal gonadotropin (HMG).

What adverse effects exist?

After using clomiphene, women’s ovaries may overstimulate, resulting in big ovarian cysts, an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneum, and perhaps thromboembolic consequences.

During professional therapy, males may suffer transient swelling of the prostate, penile, and breast glands, which could lead to spontaneous erections.

Warnings and Safety Measures:

  • General safety measures
  • Masculine sex cancer
  • Prostate cancer patients and those with other androgen-dependent malignancies should avoid using this product. Before beginning the course of treatment with this injection, a thorough examination should be performed.
  • Unbalanced hormone levels
  • People with hormonal abnormalities caused by dysfunctional thyroid, pituitary, or adrenal glands should use this drug with caution.
  • Excessive uterine bleeding
  • You shouldn’t take this drug if you have abnormal vaginal bleeding that has no known cause in women.
  • Various illnesses
  • You should let your doctor know if you experience any bleeding or clotting issues, asthma or other obstructive conditions, heart or blood vessel problems, etc. Use this drug with care as it may exacerbate the symptoms of some diseases.

Unabsorbed Dose:

If you miss taking this prescription, call your physician for instructions.

Overdose Call your physician right away if you believe you may have taken too much of this medication.

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