Pregabid 75mg

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Brand Pregabid 75
Manufacture Intas Pharma
Model Name Pregabid 75MG
Active Ingredient Pregabalin
Treatment Pain Killer
Alcohol Do not Drink
MPN P12G95D42
Origin Country India
Pack Size 10 Tab/Strip
Drug Class Opioid Analgesic
Cost/Tablet 0.55/Tab
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Pregabid 75 Mg | Best Nerve Pain Killer | Buy $0.70 Per Pills. Pregabid 75mg is a prescribed anticonvulsant group of medicine, used to treat acute and chronic different types of neuropathic pain like, epilepsy and seizures.

What is Pregabid 75mg?

Pregabalin, which is found in Pregabid 75mg tablet, is a member of the class of drugs known as anticonvulsants.

It is use to treat anxiety disorders, certain types of epilepsy, and neuropathic pain in adults. Neuropathic pain, commonly refer to as nerve pain, is a persistent pain brought on by damage nerve fibres in the body.

Hot, scorching, acute, shooting, pulsing, or stabbing pain together with tingling or numbness in various body areas are its defining features.

When nerve fibres supplying the brain are injured, it may also result in mood disorders, disturbed sleep, and fatigue.

How Does It Work?

A medicine use to treat conditions is called Pregabid 75 Capsule.

It is believed that when use for epilepsy, it lessens the abnormal electrical activity in the brain, which avoids seizures.

In order to cure nerve and muscular pain, it also interfere with the pain signals that are sent from the brain to the injured nerves, stopping the pain.

What are the Uses of Pregabid Tablet?

To treat regional neuropathic pain, a disorder characterised by abnormally unpleasant sensations in various body areas as a result of injury to the brain region in charge of detecting external forces.

For the treatment of fibromyalgia syndrome, a chronic condition mark by pain and stiffness in the muscles, joints, and tendons.
Adult patients receiving intervention for tonic clonic.

What are the Best Dosage of It?

Pregabalin decreases the aberrant activity of the brain’s nerve cells, hence controlling seizures (fits). By preventing the neurological system from receiving pain signals, it also lessens pain sensations.

By limiting the production of specific brain chemicals that trigger aberrant mood stimulation and anxiety, it relieves stress.

What are the Side Effects?

Pregabid 75mg medicine some side effect like :

  • Dizziness, drowsiness, headache
  • double vision
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • High or low blood sugar levels
  • Confusion
  • Lack of coordination
  • Nausea

What are the Warnings & Precautions?

If you have a pregabalin allergy, avoid using Pregabid 75mg tablet.Pregnant women should not typically use Pregabid 75mg tablet unless a doctor deems it necessary. Thus, before use it, talk to your doctor.

When taking Pregabid 75mg tablet, women of reproductive age must use an effective method of contraception to prevent pregnancy.

How to Storage Pregabid 75mg?

Pregabid Capsules should be protected from light and moisture and kept below 30°C.
Keep it out of children’s and animals’ reach.

What to do the Case of Missed Dosage?

Pregabid 75 Capsule doses should be taken as soon as you remember.

If your next medication is soon, omit the one you missed and continue taking your medication as usual. Don’t increase the dosage.

What are the Overdose Symptoms?

Never exceed the recommend dose. In the event of an overdose, seek emergency medical attention or speak with your doctor for more advice.

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1 review for Pregabid 75mg

  1. Kevin venkes

    I purchased Pregabid 75mg from this website. Pregabid 75mg is a very nice product for the pain. In a very short time, it removed the pain that I was facing.

    • admin

      Wow… Enjoy your real lifestyle…And thnks for your feedback