Modalert 100mg

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Brand Modalert 100 
Manufacture Sun Pharma LTD.
Model Name Modalert 100mg
Active Ingredient Provigil
Treatment Narcolepsy
Alcohol Do not Drink
MPN M58D47L51
Origin Country India
Pack Size 10 Tab/Strip
Drug Class Class IV
Cost/Tablet 0.71/Tab
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Modalert 100 mg,Buy Online At reasonable Price-Lifecarepills. Buy Modalert 100 mg tablets. It helps treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness (narcolepsy). And to promote wakefulness in patients with extreme sleepiness.

What is Modalert 100mg?

Modafinil, a component in MODALERT 100MG TABLET, is a component of the class of medicines known as psychostimulants. Adult patients that have Narcolepsy are manag with it.

In furthermore, Modalert 100 Mg Capsule is use to treat shift work disorder, circadian rhythm sleep issue, and obstructive sleep pnoea (obstruction of the airway during sleep).

How Does It Work?

A psychostimulant named modafinil works on orexin neurons. The brain includes nerve cells called orexin neurons that regulate wake and sleep.

Modafinil increases wakefulness and lowers you risk of having sleep attacks by activating orexin neurons.

What are the Uses of Modalert 100mg Tablet?

A sleeping disorder termed obstructive sleep apnea involves brief interruptions in breathing while you are asleep. Disorder with sleep during the shift: People who regularly changing work schedules tend often be extremely drowsy

What are the Best Dosage of It?

Take Modalert 100 Mg Medicine precisely as your physician has prescribed. The medicine should given with a glass of water. Don’t chew or crush the medicine.

Depending on your age, weight, and medical state, your doctor will decide the exact amount and length of treatment for you.

What are the Side Effects?

The ones that follow are typical Modalert 100 mg tablet negative effects:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Indigestion
  • Diarrhoea
  • Blocked nose
  • Headache

What are the Warnings & Precautions?

Inform your doctor of the following problems before taking MODALERT 100MG TABLET:

You now have or have before experienced bipolar disorder, mania, psychosis, anxiety, depression, or poor mood. have prior drug use issues Rare genetic conditions such glucose-galactose malabsorption, Lapp lactase deficiency, and galactose intolerance

Interactions of Modalert 100 MG-

Oral contraceptives: If using steroidal contraceptives, the effectiveness of Modalert medication may be decrease. Cyclosporine, Midazolam, and Triazolam:

If you’re using these drugs along with Modalert tablets, the Modalert dosage needs to be adjust since the medications can cause the body to retain the Modalert for a longer period of time.

Blood thinners: Prothrombin time/INR (a test) should be done often to track the effects if you’re using blood thinners together with a Modalert tablet. Do not take Modalert with antidepressants or other medications that are similar to them if you are taking any of these.

What to do the Case of Missed Dosage?

Take a Modalert 100 mg pill as soon as you recall if you miss a dose. When it’s time to take the next dose and you realize you missed a dose, skip the missed dose and take the following one instead.

Avoid combining the two dosages as this could end in an overdose. If you are concern about it, consult your doctor.

What are the Overdose Symptoms?

Overdoing on Modalert tablet may result in symptoms like trouble falling or staying asleep, hallucinations, agitation, nervousness, anxiety, restlessness, confusion, chest pain, pounding heartbeat, vomiting, bloating, and uncontrollable body shaking.

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