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Manufacture Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
Model Name
Active Ingredient Chorionic Gonadotropin
Treatment Infertility
Alcohol Do not Drink
Origin Country India
Pack Size 1 Vial/s
Drug Class Chorionic Gonadotropin
Cost/Tablet 25 Vial/s
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FERTIGYN HP 5000IU INJECTION contains chorionic gonadotropin, a gonadotropin medicine.It is used to treat men who have hypogonadism (a lack of sex hormones).

Infertile women who have had pretreatment with the appropriate hormonal medications (such as menotropins or FSH) benefit as well, because it aids in the release of a mature ovum (eggs) from the ovaries (ovulation).

It also aids early-stage pregnancies in women who have had many abortions. Prepubertal cryptorchidism, or the failure of the test to descend into the scrotum as a result of a lack of hormones, can also be addressed in young male children (aged 4 to 9 years).

Uses of Fertigyn HP 5000IU Injection

Infertility in women: This medicine is utilised to treat infertility in women who haven’t entered menopause but are having difficulty conceiving owing to hormonal imbalances in their bodies.
Male infertility: The medicine is used for the management of male infertility caused by a lack of hormone production in the body.
Cryptorchidism: This medication is used to treat a problem in which one of a male child’s two testes does not descend into the scrotal sac.

Fertigyn HP 5000IU Injection Method

The gonadotrophic hormone FERTIGYN HP 5000IU INJECTION stimulates the production of sex hormones in both men and women.

It operates by increasing androgen secretion, which influences puberty and the development of secondary sexual characteristics in men.Children with indecisive testicles benefit from moving the testicles into the scrotum as well.

It stimulates the ovaries to produce mature eggs and helps with pregnancy maintenance by replenishing levels of female sex hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) required for optimal conception.

Follow the Instructions

FERTIGYN HP 5000IU INJECTION will only be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously by a doctor or nurse. Your doctor will establish the best therapy dose and duration for you based on your age, weight, and overall health.

Side Effects of Fertigyn HP 5000IU Injection

• Pain from injections
• Headache
• Irritability
• Restlessness
• Depression
• Fatigue
• Oedema (fluid retention)
• Adolescent puberty
• Gynecomastia (male breast tissue hypertrophy)

How to Deal with Side Effects

Headache: Unwind and relax. Consume plenty of fluids, such as electrolytes or water. Apply a balm to the head to relieve pain. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption. Consult a doctor if the symptom worsens.

Injection site pain: Apply an ice pack to the affected area. Avoid shaking or moving the affected area regularly. Never administer the medication in the same location twice. Instead, change the location. Consult a doctor if the symptom worsens.

Precautions and Warnings

Machines that are driven and used: Avoid operating heavy machinery or driving a car if FERTIGYN HP 5000IU INJECTION impairs your abilities.

Alcohol: While taking FERTIGYN HP 5000IU INJECTION, avoid drinking alcohol.

Renal: In patients who have or have ever had renal illness, FERTIGYN HP 5000IU INJECTION should be taken with caution.

Allergy: If you are allergic to chorionic gonadotropin, do not use FERTIGYN HP 5000IU INJECTION.

Lungs: Patients who have asthma or have ever had asthma should use FERTIGYN HP 5000IU INJECTION with caution.

Cardiovascular disease: In patients who have or have ever had heart problems (such as high blood pressure), FERTIGYN HP 5000IU INJECTION should be taken with caution.



Q. What is the action mechanism of FertiGyn HP 5000IU Injection 1s?
A. FertiGyn HP 5000IU Injection 1 contains human chorionic gonadotrophin, which is used to treat both male and female infertility. It promotes fertility and sex hormone production in both men and women.

Q. Is it possible to use FertiGyn HP 5000IU Injection 1s to cure obesity?
A. It is not advised to use FertiGyn HP 5000IU Injection 1 to treat obesity. Weight loss and appetite control remain unchanged.

Q.I has a thyroid disorder; can I take FertiGyn HP 5000IU Injection 1’s?
A.Thyroid patients should avoid using FertiGyn HP 5000IU Injection 1. This medication may boost thyroid hormone synthesis while having undesirable side effects when used by those who have thyroid dysfunction.

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