Celeheal 200mg


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Brand Celeheal 200
Manufacture Healing Pharma
Model Name Celeheal 200mg
Active Ingredient Celecoxib
Treatment Osteoarthritis
Alcohol Do not Drink
MPN C15H57L67
Origin Country India
Pack Size 10 Tab/Strip
Drug Class Opioid Analgesic
Cost/Tablet 0.55/Tab
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What is Celeheal 200mg?

Analgesic Celeheal 200 mg Tablet is used to treat pain. In diseases including juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, it reduces discomfort, inflammation, and swelling.

It functions by preventing the release of specific molecules that induce pain as well as inflammation.

You can use Celeheal 200 mg Tablet alongside or without food. You ought to utilize it as your healthcare provider has prescribed on a regular basis.

Depending on your requirements and degree of discomfort, the healthcare provider may adjust the dose and interval between doses.

When should these medicines not be used?

It’s possible that not everyone should take the drug. Inform your healthcare provider if you have any heart, kidney, or liver problems before using it. You must not drink when using this medication.

You ought to inform your healthcare provider about every drug that you are currently taking given that they may have an effect on the drug in question or may have an effect on it.

Women who have children or who are breastfeeding should consult their doctors before using this drug because it may have an impact on the unborn child.

What are the cautions and warnings?

Celeheal 200 mg Capsule may cause blurred vision, decreased alertness, or tiredness. Never drive if you experience any of these symptoms.

Celeheal 200 mg Capsule should only be used cautiously by those who have liver disease. The dosage of Celeheal 200 mg Tablets might need to be changed. Please consult your doctor.

Taking Celeheal 200 mg Tablet while suckling is most likely safe. The medication isn’t believed to present a significant risk to the growing fetus, inferred from scarce human evidence.

What are the benefits of a Celeheal 200 mg tablet?

Consume this pill as instructed by the physician, which means taking it for the duration of time and in the dosage recommended. Observe everything at once.

Do not bite, break, or destroy it. Celeheal 200 mg Tablet can be taken alone or alongside food, however, it’s better to consume it at a specific time each day.

How Does It Function?

The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent Celeheal 200 mg Tablet is one example of a COX-2 modulator.

It blocks the biological messengers that cause redness and swelling from being released.

What are the Side Effects?

There are some side effects of medicine:

  • Indigestion
  • Flatulence
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain

How to Storage Celeheal 200mg?

Keep Celeheal 200mg in the cooling shade, at a temperature that’s pleasant, and free of moisture.

Keep children away from the medicine.

What Should I Do If I Miss a Dose?

If you forget to take the recommended amount, consume Celeheal 200 mg Tablet immediately as you remember.

Forget the missed dose if the following one is coming soon and carry on with your regular program.

What signs of an overdose are there?

If you think you may have taken too much of this medication, call your doctor or go right to the closest hospital.

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